Josef Seibel Hand Stitching

Hand Stitching

Hand stitching is a core feature in the footwear offered by the Josef Seibel brand.

Hand stitching offers:

- Increased flexibility
- Increased wear
- An original appearance

It takes up to half an hour for an expert to stitch one pair of uppers to the soles, a handcrafting tradition used in the manufacture of Josef Seibel footwear since 1886.


The word "Strobel" describes the specific way of stitching upper leathers and lining to the insole of footwear. The Strobel construction offers a much higher flexibility and strength than many other types of construction.

The outsole is normally either cemented or stitched to the insole to complete manufacture.

Step 1: The insole is stitched to the upper

Step 2: The outsole is cemented to the insole


With the attributes of lightness and flexibility, the Flexible construction is especially well suited to casual footwear such as the typical desert boot.

Often shoes of this construction type are unlined ankle boots, walking shoes and sandals, with unlined summer shoes having the added benefit of dispersing perspiration through the holes caused by stitching.

The Flexible construction involves folding the excess upper material outwards from the last, then stitching this through the insole. Because of this, both the upper and insole edges are visible on the finished article, lending these articles to a more casual application.

Alternatively, Flexible shoes can be made without an insole, i.e. the upper is simply stitched through to the outer sole. Either one or two rows of stitches can be used.

The advantages of shoes construced in this manner lie in their lightness, flexibility, and simplicity of design.


The simplest and most widespread form of working, the AGO method consist of a shoe's upper being folded under and then attached to the insole, with the outsole later cemented underneath.

The advantages of this construction method lie with its simplicity, reducing the cost of production making AGO suitable for almost any type of footwear. This cost reduction can of course be channeled in other directions, such as quality of materials, finish or fashion content. Importantly, AGO articles have a 'clean' bond between sole and upper (i.e. there is no exposed stitching etc.), giving this method advantages over others in terms of styling.



The Airped® footbed is of a moulded anatomic design comprising of high grade foam in order that the comfort lasts with the footwear.

  • Absorption
    • Insoles absorb sweat to help keep feet dry
  • De-absorption
    • The insole is able to evaporate the sweat very quickly due to the carbon crystals
  • Cushioning
    • Absorbs and cusions the shock produced when walking
  • Recovery
    • Crush-proof insole which will maintain its initial shape throughout its lifetime
  • Anti-bacterial
    • Fungacide is included in the insole, to avoid the production of germs and fungus


All Josef Seibel Top Dry shoes and boots are equipped with a membrane which ensures that the product is waterproof and windproof whilst allowing the foot to breathe. A comfortable climate is ensured even within extreme weather conditions!