How To Tell If Your UGG Tasmans Are Fake

How To Tell If Your UGG Tasmans Are Fake
Aaron Macaraeg

The UGG Tasman are all the rage right now, and most of us are willing to do whatever we can to get our hands on them. Unfortunately, there are people out there who know that too, and they’ll take advantage of your enthusiasm. With plenty of fakes out there, we put together a list to help you spot a pair of fakes before you get saddled with them.

Obviously, your best bet is to get them through a reputable source, like Hansen’s, but if you have to branch out, there is a QR code on the inner left tag of the Tasmans that verifies the authenticity of the shoe. Fake Tasman won’t have this code. 

Inner tag of a tasman

There are other ways to tell if they’re fake, like checking the sole – a fake UGG Tasman has a faded Treadlite imprint towards the heel. The UGG Branding on the upper part of the shoe may be slightly larger, and the fake UGG Tasman is usually a lighter color than the real thing. Compare a photo of the real thing to make sure you get what you’re paying for. 

soles of a fake and real tasman

It’s definitely worth taking the time to ensure your UGG Tasman are real. Fake UGG Tasman are poorly made, and you’ll end up throwing them out before you’ve gotten your money’s worth. The fur on the inside of a fake UGG Tasman is softer than a real UGG Tasman, which might sound nice in theory, but in practice, it will break down much quicker. They also run larger than the real thing, which will wear down the shoe faster, and also wear down your feet. 

Top view of fake and real tasman

They also don’t look as nice – in addition to the color issue mentioned above, there is a gap around the top of the stitching of the fake UGG Tasman, whereas the real UGG Tasman have stitching that covers the whole surface area. 

Stitching of fake and real tasman

Overall, we totally get the temptation to buy yourself a knock-off pair instead of waiting for these popular slippers to come back in stock, but it’s just not worth the money to buy something that won’t last.

Fake and real tasman

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