Brand Highlight: Birkenstock

Brand Highlight: Birkenstock
Aaron Macaraeg

Finding a shoe that combines what’s in style with what’s comfortable can feel impossible sometimes, so Birkenstocks’ continued presence at the forefront of fashion has been a blessing. These classic shoes have made a name for themselves thanks to the comfort provided by their meticulously-designed insoles – a testament to thoughtful design. 

Birkenstock side view with old logo

If you’ve ever tried to borrow a friend’s Birks, you know that they just don’t quite feel right. That’s because the key to their unparalleled comfort lies in the unique footbed that molds to your feet – every pair of well-worn Birkenstocks is personalized to that wearer’s foot. The contoured footbed with deep heel cups, raised toe bar, and arch support add to the comfort and make sure you can wear your Birkenstocks day in, day out, without foot pain. Birkenstocks take around two or three weeks to really start to form to your feet, and we recommend wearing them with socks (don’t worry, we won’t judge you) as you break them in. 

Birkenstock footbed

If you think Birkenstocks are a recent development, think again – they’ve been on the cutting edge of shoe technology for over a century. Birkenstocks were started by Johann Adam Birkenstock, a cobbler in Germany in 1774. Konrad Birkenstock created the flexible footbed insoles in 1896, and Birkenstock developed the first contoured arch support in 1902. In the 1960s, Birkenstocks came over to America, where they first found their biggest fans in hippies purchasing them at health stores, but they’ve since expanded to appeal to…well, pretty much everyone.

Birkenstock sole layers

Your Birkenstock is made up of four layers:

  1. The first layer of jute provides a sturdy and durable foundation that helps your Birkenstocks last for years to come. 
  2. The heart of your Birkenstocks is the shock-absorbing cork and latex footbed. This signature blend is designed to support your foot, relieve pressure, and provide natural insulation.
  3. The second layer of jute continues to add more durability with additional flexibility.
  4. Finally, the moisture-absorbing suede adds a touch of luxury while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. 

All these layers work together to create an insole that prioritizes comfort, support, and sustainability. 

Birkenstocks come in a variety of styles and colors, which means there’s a pair for everyone. The Madrid style – the first Birkenstock sandal – was created by Karl Birkenstock in 1963, and it remains the most popular in Europe today. In the U.S., the Arizona and Boston styles are among the most popular. Celebrities have been rocking these two around town quite a bit lately – stars, they really are just like us!

Birkenstock Madrid

They even have a subbrand – Papillio – which focuses on more feminine styles. The styles are similar to the classic ones you’ve been seeing for years, but with platform or wedge soles, and they come in trendy colors, materials, and prints. 

Birkenstock Arizona

Choosing Birkenstock isn't just a fashion statement; it's a commitment to taking care of your feet, day after day.

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