Oofos Ooahh Recovery Slide vs Hoka Ora Recovery Slide

Oofos Ooahh Recovery Slide vs Hoka Ora Recovery Slide
Justin Pantaleon

One of the most important and underrated shoes to keep in your closet is the recovery slide. They help you recover after a workout or run by reducing muscle soreness, alleviating foot and joint pain, and promoting better blood flow and circulation. If you’re not a gym person, they’re still great to slip on when you’re relaxing, taking out the dog, or running errands. Whatever you plan to use them for, when searching for the perfect recovery slide, you want to prioritize arch support and cushioning, and always make sure you have the right fit. Right now, we have two pairs of recovery slides that are at the top of everyone’s list – the Oofos Ooahh and the Hoka Ora. If you don’t want to get both (and we promise we wouldn’t judge you if you did!), we’ve outlined their differences so you can decide which pair is best for you. 

Oofos are made from a slow rebounding foam that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional EVA. Every Oofos style has a proprietary footbed that cradles the arch, so you get all the support and comfort you need from these slides. Imagine walking on sand that absorbs your weight, molds to your foot, and cradles your arch – that’s what these feel like. The foam also gets softer with wear and slightly molds to the foot, so they only get more and more comfortable. They come in a variety of colors and are available in men’s and women’s sizes, so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect pair for you. 

On the other (equally-great) hand, we have the Hoka Ora. They’re made from lightweight, injection-molded sugarcane EVA, so they’re sustainable and earth-friendly. With four air flow channels for superior breathability and the same rocker midsole technology that Hoka is known for, these are ideal for everything from post-workout recovery to barbecuing in the backyard. The Ora slide is firm and supportive with an active foot frame so the foot sits in the midsole, adding additional comfort. Like the Oofos, the Hoka Ora comes in men’s and women’s sizes and plenty of colors to choose from. 

So, which recovery slide is better? Don’t make us choose! Honestly, it depends on your individual needs, but the beauty is that you can’t really go wrong here – both brands are comfortable and supportive and will help you recover faster. Oofos is 100% a recovery brand and all their products are focused on recovery. But if you’re a tried-and-true Hoka fan, you will absolutely love finding that same cushion and support in their Ora slide. 

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