How To Take Care of Your UGGs

UGG cleaning supplies
Aaron Macaraeg

UGG is everyone’s favorite choice for everything from cozying up on the couch to heading out on the town. Because they’re made with high-quality materials, you’ll want to take extra care to keep them looking brand new. Let’s talk about some ways to care for your UGGs to make sure they last you for years to come.

It's winter, which means rain and snow is here. UGG boots are the perfect way to keep your feet warm and dry, but precipitation can ruin even the best of shoes. UGGs will not arrive to you waterproof, so we highly recommend getting the UGG Care Kit and treating your new pair with the water-repelling spray – spray it evenly until the boot is wet, but not drenched. You’ll have to let it dry for 24 hours, and avoid any heat or direct sunlight to prevent staining. 

Stains are a part of life, so don’t feel bad if your UGGs get dirty – just promise us you’ll never put them in the washing machine! You can use the eraser in your UGG Care Kit to get rid of any stains or scuffs before you clean your pair. When it’s time to move on to the next step, keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply the Cleaner & Conditioner directly to the shoe – we recommend applying it to a sponge or soft cloth and gently scrubbing to preserve the exterior suede. Use the suede brush on nap, moving in the same direction the whole time to preserve the appearance. Stuff your boots with towels or paper towels to help them retain their shape while they dry. Again, you’ll have to let them dry for 24 hours and avoid any heat or direct sunlight. 

As you may know, UGG boots were created to help keep surfers’ feet warm after riding the waves in the early morning, which means they are meant to be worn barefoot. Spray your boots with UGG Shoe Renew after each wear to help prevent any odors on the sheepskin. 

So there you have it! Just a little extra time and care and you’ll have your favorite pair of UGGs for as long as you want them. 

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